le menu

"le menu" is my own take on supper clubs. Being someone who enjoys cooking and receiving people, this is exactly what I will do.

A menu is being designed and will soon be posted here. It will contain several items from amuse-bouche to starters, main dishes and desserts.

Each time, I will make a selection for a three-course dinner from the items in "le menu" and post the chosen items on the site. You will be invited to try the food at mine, with three different people.

The "le menu" will start in London, if you would like to be invited to the next dinner party, just to click here for a quick registration and let there be food!

I know that you would love to bring a friend along and I would love to cook for you and your loved ones, however, the concept is designed to give the centre stage to food, therefore the invites will be sent to four individuals and not to a group of people.

Enjoy and see you soon!